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Two Year "YES!I DO!" Moment

Me & darling Apek plan nak pergi Cameron Highlands esok. To remember the moment of how he proposed to me up there. 01/05/12. Pejam celik pejam celik dah 2 tahun dia dia melamar I jadi isteri dia. Orang mesti cakap, "Alahai mengada betul Apek dengan Ainee ni benda macam tu pun nak celebrate". Alohh janganlah cakap macam tu. Its just the way how we remind each other of how our love blossom day by day. U all pun boleh apa buat apa macam kami buat. Cherish every moment that you spend together with your loved ones. Be it family or friends. Treasure it.

Sebabkan perut I ni memang suka sedut makanan, I dah plan dah nak makan apa kat sana. Nyum! Nyum!

Its all about strawberry people!
Part paling best kali ni ialah we both dah jadi Hubby & Wiffy boleh ahh romantik kuasa 1000. ^_^
Can't wait for tomorrow. Hello Labour Day! Hello minimum salary.

Dinner For Two

YESTERDAY at R&Z Restaurant just behind Aeon Station 18.  It reminds us of our reception on 28/10/11. Ze chicken chop. ^_^
P/S: Apek will be super busy today and the day after tomorrow and tomorrow after tomorrow. Alhamdulillah.

BATTLESHIP (Popcorn Wednesday)

When is our last time catching a great movie together? Hurmm! Let me think!! Ohh, our last movie is like 4-5 months ago if I'm not mistaken. Lama gila okayy!! Semalam supposedly Apek ada badminton dengan kawan-kawan dia but then sorry my dear I terpaksa curi masa dia sikit sebab I tertinggal barang dekat salah satu kedai kat Ipoh Parade akibat terlalu teruja membeli-belah. Almaklum ah gaji baru masyukkk. =D

Disebabkan nak menebus kesalahan dia tak dapat main badminton I pun pujuk dia dengan ayat, "What about we watch a movie together this night? Untuk menebus kesalahan I yang tertinggal barang dan buat u tak dapat main badminton". Weyh! Sumpah dia sangat down okay sebab tak dapat main badminton semalam tapi lepas tengok Battleship kemain suka dia.

Bertolak dari rumah pukul 9.30 malam sampai sana pukul 9.40 malam, cari parking lagi dah ambil masa berapa minit dah walaupun Aeon Station 18 tu besar dan baru tapi masih ramai lagi orang pergi Jusco okay. Kelam kabut jalan la…

Sweet Pick (#Wedding Review)

Yeah! I know! I know! 6 months has pass and yet I didn't update anything about my wedding. Im so sorry. Been lazy all the way.

And here it is, I'm starting my review with the sweet pick. Yeah! I do have some typical cheap sweets but damn delicious for my darling guests. Just a simple candy buffet set up by me, Apek, Iqa and Ifa. The sweets cost me RM100. We have some choki choki, rota, marshmallows and apa-apa je lah I pun dah lupa. =))Benda yang cucuk cucuk atas dia pun buat sendiri. Beli je polistren lepas tu balut. Jar-jar tu tak payah bazir duit beli guna je balang-balang kuih raya yang ada kat rumah ibu tapi kalau nak lagi cantik mestilah kena beli kan. Duit pun kena banyaklah keluar kan? I ni jimat orangnya. =)

Ze sweets I bought it at the Pekan Lama supplier. Take note for B2B from Ipoh yang nak beli sweets banyak banyak boleh cari dekat kedai lama sebelah Yik Foong depan pasar. Bukan untuk B2B je siapa-siapalah nak buat birthday party ke apa. Lagi satu yang lebih tera…

Being a wife

Its going to reach our half year anniversary this coming Saturday. Yeah! OUR 6 MONTHS.

What I love being a wife? 1. To get into the kitchen to cook for my darling Apek 2. Wash the laundry 3. Nagging about how messy our house is 4. Ironing his cloths 5. Get to hug him right after he took his shower 6. Our dinner for two - EVERYDAY! (What do you expect? Its only 2 of us in the house) 7. Get to jump over his back tiba-tiba suruh dukung 8. Fight about a small things but it only took a couple of minutes for us to laugh at each other about that lame argument 9. He will always remind me, "Dah baca doa tidur belum?" every single night before we're going to sleep 10. KEMAS RUMAH - Favorite

Can't wait for our 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!

Something BIG

I'm planning something BIG for my darling brother. Coming soon. This year or probably next year. But my mum so excited so she had bought the doorgift, curtain and alas dulang that didn't match my requirement. With the money that she's paying off I can get something better and nicer. So I told my mum let me arrange the dais and decoration.

Im choosing this combination of color.

{Plum, Gray & Powder Blue}





What do you guys think? I'm so lookin into it. ^_^

Kak Huda Luna & Abang Ipin Sepet

One step closer. Im so happy for you Huda. Akhirnya impian ko tercapai jugak. Alhamdulillah. Everything went smoothly. Kau dengan Kak Hana sama comel.

Living Room Inspiration

As our TV reached on Wednesday, we're so excited about it. The TV is our 1st electric applicance that we bought with our own money. Its a 51 inch Samsung Plasma TV. As I sat back waiting for Apek's to fetch me at 6 pm something, I google some simple small living room that I love. Apek would love the idea too. Can't wait for the arrival of ze sofa and coffee too. We're getting really comfortable with our life now. Slowly!

The white frames. The pictures. The lamp

I love this most.
Simple. Cozy. Lights. Candle. Flowers. White Sofa.
And it's practical to for our small house.

I would love our living room to be cozy and simple. I dun like the idea of stuffing 3-4 cabinets in the living room, bookshelves and the unnecessary things. It makes me think, "Too crowded! Please remove this please remove that" and make me wanna throw everything out. My mum is one of the people in the world that I love who hate to throw things that unneeded anymore. Everytimes I return home, …

ABC Dating

Hey hey hey,
Lets do this ABC dating my baby boy.

Start with the letter A which is Art Gallery. Ok which Art Gallery we're going to date, Mr. Apek?

Or any other place that start with the letter A, perhaps?

Or you want this ABC date to change to ABC travel so we can start by visiting Australia first.

Whatever it is I can't wait for the letter C. CIRCUS! But where the hell Circus exist anyway in Malaysia? When is it the Royal Circus wanna bring their journey here? I remember the memories of going to Royal Circus with my siblings and parents when I was a kid. Now I wanna date my husband but too bad they didn't come to Malaysia.

So Im gonna change my can't wait ABC dating letter "S". SHOPPING MALL because it is SHOPPING TIME! Of course I shop every month but for this date I will increase my spending by purchase something nice for my darling boy when its come to S.



Semalam secara officialnya kami berdua telah berpindah ke rumah sewa. Selama ni tak official pun asyik lompat sana lompat sini macam katak. Penat kemas rumah cuci jamban lap kipas semua. Tapi kena hari hari mop untuk elakkan habuk melekat. Ni dah 3 hari selsema ni akibat terlalu sensitif terhadap habuk. Kelopak mata sampai cedera. Nasib ada si kekasih hati yang sentiasa ohsem. Dialah tolong sental jamban, dialah sental dapur, dia lah yang cuci kipas, dialah yang mop lantai. Semalam bawak Ifa dengan Iqa shopping barang rumah sekali kat AEON. Pergh!! Bila beli barang sendiri barulah tahu barang-barang dapur mahal noxx sekarang. Tak apa, inilah masanya untuk hidup berdikari setelah 5 bulan hidup dengan penuh keseronokan tak payah fikir apa-apa.

Mug kegemaran kami berdua. Hadiah kawin pertama dari sahabat I, Farizza. Serius awal gila hadiah ni. Kahwin bulan 10 dapat hadiah bulan 8 kalau tak silap sebabnya dia tak dapat datang kenduri kahwin I sebab dia belajar kat Indon. Sweet sangat kawan…

Cemburu itu buta

Ok! Ini cemburu tahap 360 darjah please. Iqa punya impian nak GALAXY NOTE dah tercapai. Ingat tak lagi dia ada masuk contest DIGI semata-mata nak GALXY NOTE? Tapi sekarang dia tak payah nak rambang mata nak pergi survey sana survey sini tengok berapa harga sebab sekarang ni mata kakak dia yang juling tengok adik umur 20 tahun dah pakai Galaxy Note. Finelah! Akak merasa pakai handphone canggih umur 22 tahun. Beza 2 tahun je ok tak cemburu sangat.

Terima kasihlah ayah paling macho dan ibu paling ohsem sebab hadiahkan GALAXY NOTE kat adik aku yang paling jarang minta barang time kecik. Tapi bila dah besar amboih nafsu mengganas ke apa terus mintak benda mahal-mahal je. Untuk adikku, Iqa Joe sila belajar rajin-rajin. Dah habis belajar nanti sila cari kerja gaji besar punya supaya dapat balas jasa ibu ayah kita yang sungguh ohsem tak pernah nak kecewakan anak-anak dia. Kalau kau malas kerja, sila cari lelaki yang sumpah kaya gila, harta 7 keturunan pun tak habis supaya kakak, abang, Ifa &a…

Satu langkah.. Satu Perubahan..

Tak sabarnya nak bulan 7. Harapnya lebih murah rezeki. Lebih maju ke hadapan. Ada plan besar menanti. Bagi aku lah besar sebab ianya akan menolak aku lebih jauh ke hadapan. Tetapi semua ini dengan izin dari Allah. Insyallah.

04/04/12 - HELLO NIECE

Alhamdulillah. My sis in law just give a birth to an awesome cute baby girl named Nur Bazla Batrisyia.

I want to turn her into Little Blair Waldorf with this all cute hairband.

Maximum cuteness.
Pak Yang! Lets go shopping with Mak Yang for our precious niece.

P/S: Pak Yang is Apek and Mak Yang is me. Y^_^Y