Tuesday, April 10, 2012

ABC Dating

Hey hey hey,
Lets do this ABC dating my baby boy.

Start with the letter A which is Art Gallery. Ok which Art Gallery we're going to date, Mr. Apek?

Or any other place that start with the letter A, perhaps?

Or you want this ABC date to change to ABC travel so we can start by visiting Australia first.

Whatever it is I can't wait for the letter C. CIRCUS! But where the hell Circus exist anyway in Malaysia? When is it the Royal Circus wanna bring their journey here? I remember the memories of going to Royal Circus with my siblings and parents when I was a kid. Now I wanna date my husband but too bad they didn't come to Malaysia.

So Im gonna change my can't wait ABC dating letter "S". SHOPPING MALL because it is SHOPPING TIME! Of course I shop every month but for this date I will increase my spending by purchase something nice for my darling boy when its come to S.


1 comment:

oshinz said...

gonna be awesome!! date after marriage. so jelessssss u know?! hehehe.

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