Friday, April 13, 2012

Living Room Inspiration

As our TV reached on Wednesday, we're so excited about it. The TV is our 1st electric applicance that we bought with our own money. Its a 51 inch Samsung Plasma TV. As I sat back waiting for Apek's to fetch me at 6 pm something, I google some simple small living room that I love. Apek would love the idea too. Can't wait for the arrival of ze sofa and coffee too. We're getting really comfortable with our life now. Slowly!

The white frames. The pictures. The lamp

I love this most.
Simple. Cozy. Lights. Candle. Flowers. White Sofa.
And it's practical to for our small house.

I would love our living room to be cozy and simple. I dun like the idea of stuffing 3-4 cabinets in the living room, bookshelves and the unnecessary things. It makes me think, "Too crowded! Please remove this please remove that" and make me wanna throw everything out. My mum is one of the people in the world that I love who hate to throw things that unneeded anymore. Everytimes I return home, I will tell her this, "Ibu, pleaselah. Buanglah itu. Buanglah ni. Semak je". And my mum would answer, "Alah biarlah rumah ibu, nanti rumah kamu suka hati kamulah". Smack on my face. Ok fine Ibu! Fine! Please janganlah aku dah tua nanti perangai suka simpan barang macam ibu aku ni. Apek mungkin YES! Ahahhahah! Can't wait to have our own house so that I can realize my small little dreams. Now dreaming je lah. Rumah sewa lagi kan. =D

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