Thursday, December 29, 2011

Last Night...

..... we had a great night date. So romantic. Holding hands. Out of town. NoTV. No internet connection. Just chill bebeh! We both have a great time together at LostWorld Hot Spring. So romantic. So in the party mode with the lights everywhere. We jump from one pool to another pool because they have like 5-6 different different types of pool you see. That's kinda exciting. At first we went to Infinity Pool then somethings with the name of cave and then crystal clear and then Jacuzzi then blablabla I forgot the names already because hello I'm there to have fun not to memorize the name of the pool.

If any of you staying in Ipoh. Just wanna have chillax time. Don't know where to go. Wanted to take an escape from this hectic life just put on your swimsuit, bring some clothes for changes, jump into the car and just drive to this LostWorld Hotspring in Sunway, Tambun. You will not regret it.

The fare? For us, it is reasonable. RM15 per person. RM10 for the deposit.

You can put your belongings anywhere but please leave your handphone in the car or at home so that you don't have to burn your Rm10 for the locker.

I don't know Ipoh have this type of cool place. You can change your mood to party mood, romantic mode or any mode you want. For me & Apek, sometimes we felt like we're in a private pool party but we don't know who is that and thinking where this people come from. Sometimes we felt like we're in this expensive spa that cost us thousand of ringgits. Sometimes we felt its our home. We have this one big house and threw some private party and some of them crash to get into our house because they think the party was so damn cool (berangan mood). Oh and for you who have some extra cash, you can have this true great massage. Minimum price is RM80 for 45 minutes and maximum is like RM200++ for 2 hour. Kinda reasonable because the place its like so damn exclusive with the Bali concept that can make your pocket berlubang. RM80? Ok lah weyhh. Wanna give it a try next time.

It was a fun and stress-relieve date. What a great celebration of 2 months anniversary. We both have a great time together. You should try it too. ^_^


Schaz said...

bestnye..but my hubby xminat tempat bininye minat bangat!

Ainee Cumi said...

SCHAZ: Aini pun lebih minat ke arah yang adventure and games tapi tempat ni mmg best. Rugi kalau tak pergi. Ajaklah mesti dia teruja jugak macam I


Waduh waduh Assalamualaikum semua. Lama kan kan kan kan Aini tak update blog. Sibuklah sekarang ni dah ada anak sorang ni. =) So here yo...