Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hobi baru kami : TRAVEL!

Yeah! Sejak dah kahwin ni rasa nak travel satu dunia. Amboihh melampau! Dan memandangkan keputusan untuk tidak tergesa-gesa mahupun terburu-buru untuk membeli rumah telah disepakatkan makanya hati sangat penuh bunga-bunga. Give us a break for at least 2 years.

Untuk pengetahuan manusia sejagat, I sangat sangat sangat suka baca Personal Money. Its a magazine. A magazine on managing your finances. Magazine ni memang best sangat. Tapi I tak beli. I pinjam boss I punya. Jimat RM10. Haaa tengok bijak tak? Bijak tak? Tu lah kena baca Personal Money kalau nak bijak. ^_^

Bulan ni punya edisi memang superb best. Banyak nasihat about financial. Bab paling I suka macam mana nak manage duit kita. Dan yang paling paling I suka semestinya bab 'Personally Speaking' sebabnya dia bagi tips travel. So I menaip ni untuk nak share dengan korang ahh kat mana nak beli tiket murah, hotel murah, car rental lagi. Plus untuk diri sendiri jugak. Ye lah cakap hobi baru travel kan. Credit to Personal Money. ^_^

Mind me to type it in English. Ecececehhh!

First, u can browse thru Its search engine is fast and there are filters that allow you to specify a combination of prices. I have browse through it and I can said its a great website. Me myself have choose ze hotel that Apek & I going to stay for our 4th monthly anniversary to Phuket, Thailand. To be honest, I can't wait to go there for the second time. The most exciting part is I'll be going there with my husband. Hugs & cuddles.

Ok, back to the topic. After u have selected ze flights from, go to the individual airline's website to check for other deals and bookings. AirAsia, Jetstar, Tiger Airways and Fireflyz will usually have on-going deals. If you sign up on their websites or become a fan of their Facebook page, you will be inundated with special promotions and discounted fares.

AirAsia Fabolous Fly Day - Friday (11am-11pm)
Jetstar's Fare Frenzy - Friday (2pm - 4pm)
MAS Get-The-Deal - for local destinations and Asean countries
KLM - for Jakarta
Qatar Airways - Bangkok

To find a best seats on a particular flight, use Just select the airline and enter the flight number and SeatGuru will provide a detailed plan, recommending "good" seats and identifying "poor" seats. Nama pun seatguru kan.

Once you have find the flights, please evaluate ze hotels. Read the guest reviews. Definitely it will help you in making a decisions. One of the best site is I bet all of you have heard this website right? Similar sites include or but they are more US and Europe-centric.

To find deals on hotels, you can visit, or These sites offer online deals and reviews but require upfront or full payment to confirm bookings. Agoda consolidates guest reviews and generates hotel ratings and rankings. Agoda also provides a best guarantee, which means that if you find better rate(s) elsewhere Agoda will match or top it.

Asiaroom is similar to Agoda in all respects except that ut allows you up to 14 days to give notice of cancellation. If you fail to do so, you will only be charged for the first night's stay.

When comparing prices, always check this important notes.
1) Quoted per room or per pax
2) Breakfast is included or not
3) Look out for service fees and tazes

Some offers may appear attractive initially but that is because other charges have yet to be included. If you are looking for last-minute travel deals, it is possible to find bargain prices in or

Before planning a holiday, please make some research first about the place you're going to visit. Besides going into the individual website, you can use to read up on country's history, geography, culture, climate and people. It provides tips on the weather, transport, places, food and accommodation. If you're travelling around Asia, head up to, where travels share their travel encounters or experiences. You can discover a must-visit restaurant or place that otherwise we have missed.

Not to miss, you can visit which has individual travel, guides to cities all over the world. Travel experiences published on ze website make interesting reading and there is feedback from readers on the best places to stay and eat. Another blog that is useful for travellers is

Ok here is the summary
1) Go to to book a flight ticket. Compare with the personal website of AirAsia, Qatars, MAS & etc. Look for the promotion.
2)If beria nak seat paling best padahal macam semua seat pun sama je then you can go to
3) Search for the hotels you're going to stay.,, or can help you in this. And don't forget to read the reviews at,, and check for the hidden charges.
4) Make a research about the place you're going to visit especially the must visit place & food. Go to,,

I hope this entry helps you because it really helps me a lot.

This 2 places is the most I dream to visit with my soulmate.



oshinz said...

seronok travel dengan yang tersayang ni.. =)

Ejam said...

aritu baru balik pnom peh, later on if jadi nak g japan or maybe korea, tpi adik nak g beijing... nak ikut?

Rai said...

nice entry dear! im sure will refer to this post again n again. hehe

sarahmeay.snm said...

Thank yoouuu! The tips sangat2 bergunaaaa!

Ames said...

Happy travelling ainee! cant wait to travel again!

Ainee Cumi said...

OSHINZ: Seronok gila!! Kihkihkih. Teruja teruja.

Ainee Cumi said...

ABG EJAM: Wahh! Travel sana sini. Bestnya! Bestnya!! Alah tak nak ahh ikut, aini nak berdating dengan husband Ainee je. Hihihihi

Ainee Cumi said...

RAI: Referlah. Referlah. I mmg post untuk direfer oleh semua org. =))

Ainee Cumi said...

SARAH: Perhaps for your honeymoon nanti. ^_^

Ainee Cumi said...

AMES: Jom travel.. Nanti janice balik sini mari lepak bersama ya.

Ejam said...

wooh... so u g under urself la ea? kalu pegi under tourist guide murah sikit la...but x besh sbb masa dan jadual sume dah d tetapkan...

Ainee Cumi said...

ABG EJAM: Ha a lah. Sendiri sendiri je. Free & easy rg panggil. Tu lah pasal. Tu sebab aini tak suka nak under travel agency ni

Huda Luna said...

nice tips ainee

aku leh praktik pas kawen nnt when i'm going to travel with my hubby

now very the kenot travel mane2 pun

Ainee Cumi said...

HUDA: Majok ah macam ni. Kak Maghia share baru perasan tips aku yang dah ditempek for the past 6 months. Kihkihkih.

Yeah! Betul betul betul. Belum kahwin janganlah travel berdua dua. Not good! Not good! Lepas kahwin travel hoyeahh memang Fun Fun Fun. Memang impian kiterowang lepas kahwin nak jenjalan. Alhamdulillah tercapai.

Lets travel bebeh!!

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