Its our 1st month of love as husband and wife. To be a wife of a greatcaringsweet man is really a gift from ALLAH. Been hug every single night, been kiss every single minute. Auwww! You so sweet, sugar. Too sweet for me. If your love and words have a disease surely I will have diabetes by now.

You know what?? When we in our couple and engagement era, I didn't give my love 100% to you but after the moment tok kadi said "SAH", yes the love from me to you is pure 101%. I hope you noticed that my dear husband. I love you with all my heart and promise to become a good wife. Of course before married I was very the ganas type. But after we got married, you said I was very the manja. **Malunya...

Thanx for the movie and dinner treat.



ZATuL ieffaH said…
selamat meniti hari bahagia for ainee n hubby- u two look so lovely together..
Ainee Cumi said…
ZATUL IEFFAH: Auwww thanx hun.

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