Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Diploma to Degree

Deep inside my heart, I would love to hold a degree before I blow the 23 candles on top of my cakes but then we can always make a plan but it will not flow accordingly. Perhaps, sometimes!

I finished my Diploma last 2 years. I am so excited to continue my degree but then I don't have a MUET so how the hell Im going to apply for Degree. I have took the MUET test twice. The first one failed because I love my bed so much and I miss 1 of the paper and then I got this super extravaganza punya result which is BAND X. And then goes the second one where Im so disappointed of the results because I knew I can get a better result. But whateverlah kan, at least ada MUET result. And then I miss out 2 intakes last year lagilah sedih kan.

So to make it a story, I read METRO paper last Saturday while waiting for my Hubby to finish his Maghrib and I saw this 1 advertisement written PERMOHONAN KE PERINGKAT SARJANA MUDA. Something like that lah dia tulis.

I'm so excited. I keep on jumping jumping and scream out calling my husband. (opss! I forgot he's performing his prayer. Lucky me he finished already). And then dia macam, "Haaa asal ni?". I quickly ask his permission and guess what? He supported me and give the "YES!" word. And I cant wait for today to purchase the WANG POS and send the application form to UITM to further my study.

But... I have this 1 dilemma. Im still confius which course I have to take. In this case I got 3 option.

1) Degree in Operation Management
2) Degree in Human Resource Management
3) Degree in Financial

Which one got the more brighter future? And I choose Marketing and HR for the 2 option. Deep inside I love to be in HR course. Please fulfill my request Dear Allah

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