Thursday, September 22, 2011

This is the reason..

Yes! This is the reason. But yesterday I have shared it with someone who I call sista somewhere around 12 am. I feel relieved. We exchange stories. It happen accidentally. The reason is simple. I trust you, you trust me. I know u can keep my secret and I can keep your secret. Its actually not a secret, it just a small talk that cannot be simply shared to anyone because if we choose the WRONG PERSON to have a pillow talk then yeahh this issue up here will be so BIG until we cannot cover it up. Yeah, people who did not learn from the past who just love to spread bad things about others. Gossips! Gossips! Gossips! From a small matter can be so BIG because of this bloody smelly heart person. Anyway thank you sista. Cant wait for your BIG HOORAY HOORAY DAY this Friday. U must be so pretty and your partner will be so handsome. You both really made a PERFECT COUPLE!

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