Thursday, March 3, 2011

What Word Should I ENGRAVE on my WEDDING RING?

As some of u might know, I already choose my wedding ring. Yes! Its quite early as my wedding day will be some where in October but then I just fall in love with this diamond ring attach with the gorgeous eye drop ruby stone. I found it unique and can I say its possible to find it on others?? Ecehh!!

Adalah one day tu, we just walking around, walk walk walk and then just suka suka masuk kedai diamond ring and then testing testing testing and suddenly tersuka.

Then when Apek said, " Sayang baby I ni suka tak? Nak tak?".

I was like, "Ooo Hemm Jee, of course I wanted it. Ruby kot!! Nak! Nak! Nak! Tapi mahal.. ;((".

Then Apek just asked the pretty patient lady (sebab I keep on requesting to try that ringlah this ringlah then the ring backlah, well I only get to choose my wedd ring once in my lifetime kan) to wrap it out for us and kachinggg there's fly his money. I was like " Are you serious?? RM2000++ tu B!".

Then he said, "Takpe, janji u suka ok" sambil cuit hidung I. Gediknyaaa!!

This is what we called ruby but this is not my wedd ring. Orang tu cakap kalau nak tengok ruby tu bagus ke tak gred dia, warna dia macam darah. And why diamond that attached with stone is way more expensive? It is because they are rare. Kata salesgirl tu lah sebab I macam weyh napa dia ni lagi mahal tapi batu kecik je, tak adillah. Then dah lah tu jual balik tak ada harga. Rupanya dia rare. No wonder! Ohh by the way, I bought my wedding ring at Diamond & Platinum.

Then today we decide to engrave some words or initial probably on my wedding ring. So any suggestions my dearie readers and fellow friends that I love so much because keep supporting me all the time. (eceh ayat!ayat!)

Zaquan & Ayu @ Paroi
So, Im thinking of:-
1) APEK & AINEE (macam Zaquan & Ayu Raudhah buat)
**picture credit to Picasso
2) APEK LOVE (in symbol) AINEE
3) APEK & AINEE 28/02 (tarikh kawinlah contohnya)
4) A& A 28/02
5) A& A
5) HUBBY & WIFFY 28/02
6) Vagina & Penis Forever (ok ini sengal! Hana, kawan I yang suggestkan. AMBOIII!!)

So any other idea?(^_^)

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