Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Why I have a friends like this?

Roll the picture first before the story

Waiting for the taxi and yes I'm saying Money $$$$$ when the photographer ask me to say Cheeeesyyy Wedges

I love when SHARIFAH SYAZA lend me her ears. She is so damn good in listening and giving an advice. ILY good friend.

In the cab

Why Im snapping a lot of picture with this makcik?

Come and tell us some gossip while eating the Burger King set meal

My belated birthday cake and Eina's becoming birthday cake

Get us a drinks if we win this game

Apek showing his skill

Suppose I have to show my teeth just like them, tengok now muka I dah buruk dalam gambar.;(

Ily Apek Jual Sayur

Pool Section, just to show all of you my secret skill


Last Saturday I went to KL with my dearest lovely busuk Apek. As we arrived in KL, we went to Midvalley which is the nearest shopping complex there. As we walk walk walk suddenly my stomach growling and begging me to buy him/her(i dunno what my stomach sex is) SUBWAY sandwich. It was our first time eating that marvelous sandwich. Sumpah NIKMAT GILA! The meatball and the bread blend nicely in our tastily mouth! Serius nikmat gila! Only cost us RM27 something. Yeah! We both live in Ipoh so as u know Ipoh dont have that plenty choices of fast food restaurants which is my desire baby except Mc'D, KFC, Marrybrown and even A&W shut down their shop. OMG! I just remembered something. I have to tell u guys about it but please don't laugh at me. Seriously it is so damn embarrassing ok!

Ainee? Are your ready to tell the crowd what is the funny and embarrassing thing?

OK! 1, 2, 3 GOOOO!!


Apek and I were lost in the shopping complex OK!! We couldn't find the entrance. We both walk really fast and feel totally lost. We were so confident the entrance was there and there but when we walk to it...NOTHING! Its only a car park. Lucky us, Eina my friend rescued us from the lost. Ahahaha! I asked eina to pick me up and told her what is the name of the shop nearby. When I'm dialling Eina's cellphone, there was Eina.....standing right in front of me! Damn u Eina, u look so gorgeous baby! And thanks for rescuing me. Ahahaha! I feel totally a jerk.

Actually the Midvalley connected with another building which they called The Garden. Aiyaaa! They supposed to write a big kind of signboard and written


Hellllooo! All of you please stop laughing now! Well, it's my first time getting lost in a shopping complex actually. Quite fun too. U should give a try too. And too too too too. Blerghh! OK! Lets get into serious business. =D

The first thing to do with Eina babe and her partner are playing a pool. Hey! Its a good way to get to know each other especially when u never spoke to him/her before. Its a way of creating a communication with new people and four of us get along very well. Very Very Well which equals to SUPERB WELL! Aha!

After that, we met my super duper howt babe and our 'abang tuff' in IKEA. As the times is running out, we plan to eat at Burger King. Woahh! Eminem favorite food. We eat eat eat, share stories, laughing and jiggling around and play a 'teka teki'. Quite fun but seriously not enough time. Ehhh quite is not the actual words to describe because its actually AWESOME! Really awesome.

To hear my friends opinion and make me think deeply inside what friends are mean to be. They mean to lend their ears and tell us what is right and what is wrong and the main point is they didn't simply dash what we were gossiping about to others. And start from today I don't give a damn for the one who wanted to ruin my life. I will ignore her/him because from now on QUALITY FRIENDS is much more worthy that FRIENDS THAT SLOWLY BRINGS US DOWN! Membusuk di dalam walau cantik di luar. Im not an angel. I have my patient limit but u already cross the line baby so from now on please don't interfere my life. U manage your own life, I manage mine. Deep inside I know u feel guilty of making my life miserable. U start the fight but u want me to be blame until death. I never ditch or talk bad bout your boyfriend but why must he talk bad bout me? Who is he? God? Son of a b****? I only knew him for 1 day so he don't have the rights to talk bad about me. U and ur so-call-boyfriend can go to hell NOW! I don't even care. Spread rumors about me, u just making me more POPULAR!

Ohh between I want to make a public apologies to you dear. We mean to be friend but u ruin it. I try to be nice and forgot all this stupid crisis but your boyfriend ruin my mood yesterday. I try to make it normal but your so-called-boyfriend make me sick. He keep repeating the same old lame thing when actually the problems already settle. Opsss! Correction! Settle in the eyes of you because the final drama didn't put me in action. What is the meaning of settle if the main play is not in the final episode? Plus u drag along supporting actress in it. Great! May I pat ur back now for doing a great job? Ruining people life to attract others? Just like u did to Amirah Ibrahim. How pathetic! Excellent drama with a tragic ending. Why am I so mad at u? Please ask your boyfriend!

Ohh for the title its not for you but to my quality friends. In the real world I mean. They are my sweetheart and a big thanks to Amirah Ibrahim. She makes my mind and eyes open. She might be cheating or whatsoever u called her but at least she didn't ruin other peoples life. Im so ashamed to put my trust on u, spread the bad things about her when u asked me and let u bring Amirah's life down just like u did to me NOW but hell no she didn't care. Im so proud of her and yes im turning to be like her. Thanks to you!


sasha* said...

ala akak yg dh byk kali gi pn selalu sesat.pastu kene gi tgk map hahaha :P

ainee cumi2 said...

k.sasha: ye ke? kawan aini semua gelakkan aini tau..alah kiterowang tgk map tapi ttp tak jumpa jalan keluar tu yg kena call 911 tu..hehehhe!

Ejump said...

mcm seronok je..
hangout x ajak!!

ainee cumi2 said...

ejump: sangat happening tau! sangat! tapi tak cukuplah pergi balik hari

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