I wanna grow old with you

Its been 2 months darling. Me and you as husband and wife. Every single day is amazing when Im with you. Cuddle and kiss. Sweet notes. Sweet talk. Its like I live in my own candyland because everything is sugar and chocolate when Im with you. I love being around you. I love to be your sleeping partner, I love to be your eating partner. I LOVE TO BE EVERYTHING WHEN IM WITH YOU! You let me punch you when I feel so geram with your cute perangai. You make a cup of hot milo early in the morning and midnight when I got my period to reduce my pain. And not to forget u give me a free great massage when my body craving for it tapi tak ada duit nak bayar untuk Thai Massage padahal you the one who need it more. But you are really my SUPER HUSBAND. Your patience, your love, your words. You are one of a kind.

Another 3 days both of us will turn 23. Looking forward in achieving our dreams. I promise to be a good wife to you darling for the rest of my life.

HAPPY 2 MONTHS OF LOVE. Its a brand new life. Cant wait for our date tonight. Must be so romantic. ^__^


Ateyn Bella said…
awww sweetnye. ni yg x sabo nak kawen ni. huehue~ moga sis bahagia smpai bila2 ye :D
Ainee Cumi said…
ATEYN: Auwww tenkiu adik comel.. Haa cepatlah kawin. Kalau kawin jangan lupa jemput sis okay
Huda Zulkahar said…
aww..sgt2 sweet sis..hmmm..hope sgt2 dpt jadi mcm sis..amin.. =)
Ainee Cumi said…
HUDA: Amin.. Mesti boleh punyalah Huda

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