Thursday, May 10, 2012

Blaming the shopping carts

Have you noticed over the years that shopping trolleys have become bigger?? That is why I tend to purchase more. Yeah! I'm blaming the trolleys. For this months, I have spend almost RM400++ for my kitchen goods and that does not include Apek's money. I don't know what I bought, please don't ask me that questions. I simply don't know cause my tab is in the clinic and because of that I didn't jot down my expenses. I just spend spend spend without monitoring where the money have gone. Oh please get my tab back to me so that I can trace down what I have bought, where did I spend my cash and blablabla. Even Apek asked me, "Mana pergi duit you sayang?". I just shrug. Dah shopping shopping mana nak ingat.

I guess most of us have this guilty feeling of how little thing that we put in the carts so we tend to just drag whatever we think it is necessaries just to fill up the cart. Brilliant marketing dear shopping mall. You successfully make me broke. Lucky me I'm married to this darling Apek.

From my observation, debit card and credit card always allow some leeway. Of course I don't have a credit card. I hate credit cards. I have promise myself I would not apply a credit card no matter how hard my life is, how high my wages is and how interested it would be because we just have to swip and pay the minimum credit. But debit card ohh yeah, me super  love it. I just have to swip and swip and swip and what I need to do is just sign the receipt. Part paling best is I don't have to dig my handbag just to search for the coins. Yeah! I have this habits of paying the sen sen kat belakang tu using coins. I beg all of us did. But with this debit card, I have no discipline. Ye lah dah kerja asyik swip je kan memang tak lah nak limit limitkan diri.

OK! As I look back, I have spend more than RM200 on my sundry. More than RM300. It is RM400. Plus plus some more. Belum masuk part Apek punya duit lagi. This is serious man!! What I need to do next month is jot down what is the things that I want to buy, bring a cash and leave the debit card at home. Including Apek's. Apek has set a limit of RM200 for groceries. RM200? Hurmmm????? Boleh kot. But the food, the stocks, the can make me excited and impulsive. Heeee..... RM200 only?? Ok lah.. Ok lah..=D

Whatever it is, we will see next month how much I have spend for this food stuffs. Remember the list and cash only okay dear Ainee. Y^_^Y

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