Friday, October 21, 2011

Love note for the Perjalanan Menjadi Double

He proposed me on a LabourDay. 1st of May last year in Cameron Highlandsand we decided to do a proper engagement ceremony on 5th ofDecember. 7 months after that. From January until October we’ve been planning for the akad nikah, reception for my side and his side. Damn! It was so fun andsometimes it’s really tiring too. Stress will come after the tiredness. Stressof couldn’t make a decision which dress to wear, what is the theme, how muchfood do we have to order and bla bla bla the list go on and on and on.

We opt for black and whitefor the akad nikah, pastel for my reception and gold yellow red for his side.For the akad nikah our guests and families will be wearing black and whitewhile the groom and bride itself will wear grey and a little touch of pink. WhyI choose that theme color? White plus black it will become grey. So we are theanak from the ibu and bapa lah kiranya. Ok what a lame idea. Whatever! I loveit. So our pelamin will be in black and white but our hantaran definitely willbe in different color.

As some of u might not knowyet, I will present this western type food to my family and friends. No nasiminyak, no ayam tergolek golek and no rendang tok that I know most of my orangtua kuat adat love to eat. Wanna know what is the menu? Yeah, you guest it. Ini melayu perasan orang putih.

For Apek’s side it will bemore traditional. I will be wearing songket kuning to feel like a real QUEEN.And yeah at Apek’s side will have this ulam-ulam, ayam and daging.So orang tua kuat adat can enjoy their food there.

Yeah, we both have thisdifferent character but that make us complete each other. Just like a jigsawpuzzle.

Im so excited to be theQUEEN of English and PERMAISURI of Kemelayuan. What I hope is everyone who iscoming to my wedding will enjoy the foods and keeping up with each other. I gotno extra bucks to hire a dancer or whatever expensive entertainment on mywedding day. All I can do is play a romantic music, put a karaoke set so thatmy friends and families can show their talent and gather all of my friends thatdidn’t meet for ages to update each other life.

Yeah, 7 days to go and I’mso looking into that HAPPY DAY. I wanna start the partayy!


Ateyn Bella said...

x sabar nye nk pegi, hihi

eykameow said...

tak sabar nak tggu habis majlis and tggu u update pls ur wedding day tu nanti! Btw, selamat pengantin baru in advanceee! <3

p/s: semoga semuanya berjalan dgn lancar...aminn

Ainee Cumi said...

ATEYN: Thanx datang. I hope u enjoy sis

Ainee Cumi said...

EYKA> Tenkiu tenkiu tenkiu. tengah nak update pelan pelan lah ni. hehehehe!

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