Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Did I just say 5 years and 1 month?

OMAIGOSH! We are reaching our 5years & 1month anniversary. WE ARE OK! Or should it be WE WERE? With Apek, everything seems so nice like I'm living in a candy world eating a lots lots lots of candy without worrying my teeth will be eaten by damn busuk bad bacteria while im eating a very very sweet yummylicious candy.

Apek is such a sweet talker, calm person and a funny person I must say. I do appreciate him but sometimes u know, I CAN BE DAT ANNOYING! Sorry ya, huggie bearbear (geli tak panggilan ni??). I think, kalau orang lain dah cabut lari dah. With Apek, I can share almost EVERYTHING!

We were born to be bestfriends and lovers I guess.

We update each other every single hour/minute, gossiping about others (ok! this is real bad ainee..really really bad.=P), make a silly jokes and laugh until we couldn't breath and many others thing just like bestfriends do. For the lovers part, Apek is more into it because I love to pretend like we're bestfriends instead of lovers in front of others. I like to play punching & kicking game with Apek but Apek will love to manja-manjakan me like a baby. We love to tease each other so much but the best part is no hard feeling baby!

ENOUGH SAID, HEPI 61months annivesary ISKANDAR DZULKARNAIN SHAH! Ahahahahah! U know what its means rite Mr. Apek?

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